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APDA South Florida

APDA South Florida

The South Florida Chapter is one of 60-plus Chapters of the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA).  As the grassroots organization for Parkinson's disease, the South Florida Chapter of APDA (Chapter) and its Information & Referral Center (I&R Center) are committed to providing education, assistance, services, programs and activities for people with Parkinson’s disease and their Caregivers.

Together, the Chapter and I & R Center "ease the burden" of Parkinson's disease by helping fund and organize local programs and support groups that offer a network of qualified professionals, tangible resources, and a circle of friends who share similar needs.

This local network forms the basis of the grassroots campaign to help raise Parkinson’s disease awareness and overcome the unique challenges of living with Parkinson’s disease. The Chapter's members are its greatest supporters, giving of their time and financial resources to strengthen the grassroots effort.

The Chapter offers membership and sponsorship opportunities to help fund special programs and raise funds for research to find the cure for PD. Some of these programs include; Regional Parkinson’s Symposium, Newly Diagnosed PD 101 Workshops, Caregiver Education - Quality of Life Series, Caregiver Respite Assistance, Exercise and Annual Walk - A - Thon.


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Information & Referral Center

The Information and Referral Center was established by the American Parkinson Disease Association in 1995. Our Center serves as a resource for persons with Parkinson's disease (PD), their caregivers, family members and health care professionals. The Center is strategically located in Deerfield Beach to better service the greater South Florida community regardless of location or affiliation.

Services Provided By The Center and Chapter Include:

♥   Information About Parkinson’s disease
♥   Telephonic response to Questions About Parkinson’s disease and related issues  
♥  Comprehensive Resource and Referral Network
♥   Educational Materials
♥   Educational Symposia (Patient and Caregiver)
♥   Newly/Recently Diagnosed Workshops
♥   Support Groups
♥   Exercise: Physical, Speech, PD Dance, Tai Chi
♥   Information updates and announcements to those on the Center’s mailing list
♥   The Parkinson’s Source - Newsletter
♥   Caregiver Education and Respite Assistance

Who We Are:

South Florida Chapter:

  • President -  Linda Gilchrist
  • Vice President - Gary Dalin
  • Vice President - Susan Levy
  • Treasurer/Secretary - Gail Baldwin
  • Directors at Large - Pat Sacco, Rhoda Olchak
  • Advisory Board - Sheila Finkelstein, Faye Kern, Claire McCarty
  • Executive Director -  Gigi Gilcrease, RN, MBA

Information and Referral  Center:

  • Neurological Medical Advisor -  Thomas C. Hammond, MD
  • Center Coordinator -  Gigi Gilcrease, RN,  MBA

Contact us at:

American Parkinson Disease Association
201 East Sample Road
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33064
(800) 825-2732